Autumn Update


Use AI to create comics in our new course Use AI to create comics in our new course

It has been a busy start to the school year for us and we are excited to bring you some updates on what we have been working on.

Introducing the AI Comic Book Course πŸ€–

In celebration of this year's Hour of Code, we're excited to launch a new Python course that lets students explore the fascinating world of generative AI in comic book creation. This course delves into various aspects of AI, including diffusion models and data biases. It also offers students the opportunity to harness generative AI for creating visually appealing programs. We're eagerly awaiting the creative masterpieces our students will produce!

Take a look at the course here πŸš€.

Turinglab Now in Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

Willkommen πŸ‘‹. Through our collaboration with Amazon, we've launched a German version of Turinglab. German speakers, you can now experience Turinglab in your native language by visiting

New Feature: Demo Mode πŸ“Ό

Today we are introducing a Demo Mode for teachers where you can revisit completed lessons with a fresh start. This feature allows you to retake multiple choice questions and reset code editors to their initial state, making it simpler to demonstrate model answers to students. This much-requested feature is now live!

Enhanced Farmbot Error Messages ⚠️

We've upgraded Farmbot to provide more informative error messages. Now, when students encounter issues, such as typographical errors in the plant command, they'll receive clear, helpful guidance.

More helpful Farmbot errors More helpful Farmbot errors

This enhancement is part of our ongoing efforts to refine and improve the learning experience for students. We've also resolved other issues causing the Farmbot simulation to crash.

Have a Say in Our Next Features πŸ’¬

Your input is valuable to us! To influence our future content and features, please take a moment to fill out this brief survey here. Your feedback is crucial in helping us tailor our offerings to your needs.

Season's Greetings and Christmas Coding Fun! 🎁

We hope the remainder of your term goes well! If you are looking for some Christmas themed coding content, have a look at our Christmas Cards short course here. These are some of our favourite cards that students made last year:

Christmas card by Anonymous Christmas card by Anonymous

Christmas card by fairy_variable_664 Christmas card by fairy_variable_664

Christmas card by Anonymous Christmas card by Anonymous

Christmas card by aurora_polymorphism_794 Christmas card by aurora_polymorphism_794

Seeing the creativity of students is one of my favourite parts of Turinglab - I am excited to see what students create this year πŸŽ„

Happy coding!

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