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114,247 students

Starting programming can be daunting, that’s why we created Farmbot. Farmbot is a friendly learning environment in which code is used to control a Farming Robot. Code moves the robot around the screen planting, harvesting and shipping crops. Deliberately highly visual, it’s easy to spot any mistakes.

1-4 hours
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Smart Cities
30,722 students

After writing basic sequential algorithms, the next step is often writing branching algorithms. In Smart Cities, use branching code in algorithms that listen to the weather and control key elements of a city in response. Use functions to collect weather data, set up rules to decide if windmills should be on, the lights should be off and more.

5 hours
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16,185 students

Learn how to create a responsive chatbot that takes in input and responds like a human. In Chatbot, use Python input and output to create a digital conversation; use lists and data types to store information and calculate carbon emissions and manipulate strings to create cyber secure usernames and passwords.

5 hours
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Environment Posters
8,548 students

Use basic image functions, colours and web coordinates to create a poster which will put pressure on our world leaders to help mitigate climate change.

1-4 hours
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Creative Python
12,298 students

Learn how to make interactive graphics, animations and computer games with Python and the Processing library

1-4 hours

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    Gamified, well-structured and self-paced learning increase student engagement

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    Detailed analytics and progress dashboards provide insights into student progress

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    Get greater engagement through the use of points and leaderboards in class

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    Get access to all of Python Fundamentals, Environmental Posters, Creative Python and Weaving x Coding for free

  • Testimonials

    Teresa, Head of Computing, Hillview School

    “Turinglab is a fantastic platform for teaching and developing programming skills and knowledge! Subscribing to Turinglab has been one the best decisions I have made in my teaching career. I have never seen pupils throughout the whole school so engaged and focussed in Computing lessons across KS3, 4 and 5 as they are when we use Turinglab.”

    James, NQT Computing, Grace College

    “Turinglab has help us to bring python coding to life, particularly in KS3! The students are able to make clear connections between the code and the outcome and build an understanding of the concepts due to the way they build skills and apply them throughout the courses. We are able to offer increasing levels of complexity as they journey through the Computing curriculum.”

    James, Head of Computing, St. Gabriels College

    “Turinglab has been a fantastic resource for our students. It has allowed them to develop their programming skills in a fun and engaging way. The students have been able to work at their own pace and the platform has allowed them to develop their problem solving skills. The students have really enjoyed using the platform and it has been a great addition to our curriculum.”

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